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Business to Business Marketing Research

Conducting marketing research in business-to-business areas is more complicated than doing it for other sectors (e.g. mass market goods, public services, etc.) and requires the use of special approaches.
Metron has been conducting B2B research for more than 20 years, working for many industrial sectors. This lengthy experience has allowed us to perfect the methodologies in order to meet the particular needs of the companies operating in these markets.
The characteristics of the B2B markets with the greatest impact on research methodologies are referred in the table below, which also indicates their relative consequences on the level of market research:

Typical characteristics of the B2B markets Consequences on the research methodologies

B2B products are often used in many different types of activities, in a great variety of ways and intensities.

It is often very complicated to define the universe of reference.

The number of potential clients is almost always distinctly lower than that of B2C markets, but consumption can vary a great deal from client to client (due to their different sizes and/or the different type of activity conducted by each).

A random sample can almost never be used.
Much analysis and reflection are necessary before finding the sampling technique most suitable case by case.
Often the B2B clients have a very in-depth knowledge of the products they need to buy.
The decision-making processes can be very complex and involve different people on various levels (from the person in charge of the function on up to top management).
The survey questionnaires or sheets must be prepared with a very in-depth knowledge of the sector to be analyzed.
The interviewees must have a great professional background and experience.
Sometimes it is not enough to interview a single person per company, rather one must involve all those who participate in the decision-making process.


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